Take a deep breath and enjoy God’s Canvas

Sometimes, especially around the holidays we get busy, and overwhelmed. I would like to encourage you to take a moment to truly appreciate the beauty in simple things you see everyday and rediscover the beauty of them. I started my morning grabbing a cup of coffee and looked out the back door to catch this beautiful sunrise, nothing new, I see a lot of sunrises, but something made me grab my camera, and when I did I paused long enough to really see the colors, the detail, and the awe of it. It became my subject, and I adore my subjects.EDW_3622

I went about the rest of my day got dressed, went to work, got busy, but that sunrise kept coming to my mind and made me start thinking. How many times do I just grab my camera and shoot whatever is around me. Almost never! As a portrait photographer I cannot tell you when the last time I just picked up my camera and walked around. I am a portrait photographer after all, I like my subjects to be human and animal, for me that’s interesting and I love to capture true emotion and the sprit of the moment. I will confess I get bored with inanimate subjects, but something changed this morning with that sunset that stayed with me the rest of the day. When I got home, after dropping my laptop by the office door, I picked up my camera, and headed out into the yard. My first thought was, well I don’t know what to photograph, so I walked around the yard and just took random pictures of some of the plants because the color appealed to me.

Just like the sunrise this morning, it wasn’t anything special that I didn’t see walking by any day of the week, but when I actually stopped, put the camera to my eye, I slowed down and saw the true beauty and smallest details I often overlook. Which of course made me stop and think about what else in our lives do we glance at and over look, never really stopping to see how amazing the most insignificant things can be. Do me a favor, take some time tomorrow, and just look at your surroundings with a new angle, and count your blessings. Finally I ended my photography field trip with a picture of the sunset much like the sunrise. I truly am Blessed


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