Spring Pictures

Here in South Texas spring has arrived with temps now in the upper 70’s it is the perfect time to book your spring portraits. Although many times I have been tempted to create base set ups for mini sessions, I refrain because part of what sets me apart from others is that each session is custom created for you. After all if you wanted your pictures to look like the other 100 people’s pictures you would go to a chain studio right, where the backdrop, poses and props remain the same and only the faces change. It reminds me of those fun little tourist cut outs where you insert your head in a cut out and take korny photos. While on vacation those are hilariously funny shots, but do you really want cookie cutter photo’s from the one time of the year you can get everyone together? Whether it’s Easter, mothers day, fathers day, graduation, engagement, or other occasion splurge and hire a professional. Let me design your session and ensure you get a unique experience you will treasure for generations to come.




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