#3 Perspective and Angles

If you want your child or pet to stand out in the photo, you have to get down to their height. And don’t be afraid to get close. The most common mistake made is that most pictures are taken at chest level when we are using phones. Whether you are using your phone or a camera change the level you are shooting from. For pets and kids get down to thier level. The first picture of Abby I took standing up looking down to her, the second picture I took was getting down to her level. As you can see the results are amazing. For any of you who have been present when I shoot a session, you will observe me constantly shooting from different angles. You see me squat, laydown, use step stools, stand on top of vehicles, climb on roofs, and teeter on fences. I have even climbed up a tree or two. While you probably won’t need to get so physical the simple act of getting to a subjects level, if they are small, or changing the normal angle from chest level to something more creative, changes the entire feel and perspective of the shot. Now go practice and remember to change your settings for the best shots.




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