Senior and Teen



It’s your senior year, a milestone in your life. A time when many changes occur and time starts to fly by. You are on the verge of a new path fixing to take the leap into the great unknown. Relax! You got this, you have prepared your whole life for this very moment. Take a deep breath and enjoy. Our senior shoots are about, exploring your personality, capturing who you are in this exact moment, because after this everything changes. But right now, this is your time, your moment, and I want you to have fun and enjoy this session. This isn’t a test, it’s not about getting it perfect. It’s about you, and letting me show you the wonderful young adult you have grown into.


You may not be graduating yet, but wish to mark special milestones or events, let us customize a session to show off who you are. Grab a group of friends and book a friend session, other sessions may include fashion, clubs, sports, prom, pageant, or birthday.

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