Tips for Preparing for your session

What to Wear

It’s a hard choice, and can be overwhelming to decided. Part of the reason I insist on speaking to you in person or on the phone and getting to know you, is to get a sense of your style, and what your expectations are. When it comes to wardrobe, it will not matter how crisp and clean the images, or posing is, if the wardrobe is off and does not fit. Things to consider is what type of session is it? Are you going for casual, formal, fashion, or laid back? Where is the session? Is it outdoors in a rustic environment or outdoors in an urban setting? You wouldn’t want to wear a suit and tie, sitting on a rusty tractor. What season is it? You would not want to wear bright pink, in the fall or winter where muted earth tones are appropriate. What you decide to wear is important and sets the mood for the session. I recommend, solid muted tones that compliment each other. Loud colors and busy patterns may be your style, but in print they are distracting. Pinterest is an awesome place to search for what to wear for photos, and even provide color wheels to help you coordinate everyone in the photos, so that you compliment each other and not come out looking to matchy matchy. I am also just a phone call or text away. Many people text me pictures of their attire to ask what I think. This is wonderful, as it allows me to visualize you and the location, and enables me to create a more custom session for you.

Your Session

This is about you, and communicating to me what you envision is key to customizing your session. I need input from you, your likes, dislikes, style, hobbies, interests. I fit the season around your personalities. Do you like bright and airy photography, dark and moody, retro film look, or classic crisp. Knowing the type of photography that catches your eye, helps set the mood for your session. If you are unsure, go to Pinterest and send me a few screen shots of what catches your eye. Get excited, and lets plan your perfect session together, as I want your experience to be fun, unique, and totally you.


If your session includes children, we work on their time table, meaning we may take a break if they have a meltdown. Don’t stress, and I know it’s frustrating, I remember having young kids, and how you have expectations of them sitting still and looking angelic. Then reality hits when they get to the session, and you question whether you should have brought a clergy member to preform an exorcist along with starting to day dreaming a vacation where the hotel has four padded walls and how nice you would look in that little white jacket. I get it, we have all been there, and I have tried every bribe,  and threat there is, and I tell you from experience none of it works, because when that mood hits them, you just have to let it pass. Raising your voice to them, or whispering sit still or I will paddle your behind, I assure you will not get the images you picture. Best to ride out the storm, and give them some time and space, and most of the time after a few moments they are over the tantrum and we can then get back to business, extreme cases we might need to call it and reschedule. Some tips are bring snacks/drinks, and small favorite toys. I interact as much as possible before and during the shoot, so the child gets to know me, don’t be surprised when I set the camera down and just start digging in the dirt with your kiddo.

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